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Is Imposter Syndrome Showing Up in Your Marketing?


Imposter syndrome is real. I’ve battled with it; I know many others who have too. This article in Fast Company describes The five types of impostor syndrome and how to beat them.


The thing about imposter syndrome is that while there are real feelings of inadequacy and questioning our competence, many times on the outside we look, “just fine.” Happy even. Confident. We teach masterclasses with a smile even though on the inside we are questioning whether anyone will find the info useful. We moderate our Facebook groups wondering if people really see value in what we say. Like I said, I’ve been there.


What I saw recently with a client was imposter syndrome showing up quietly in her marketing. This client had been published in major publications and named a top 30 attorney in her field, yet to go to her website, there were no badges, videos, or any outward showings of her accomplishments. There was a page with just links. A whole page of links. You had to read line by line to discover her amazing media appearances.


I realized that her imposter syndrome was showing up in her website. In a way, she was hiding her achievements and keeping herself small. Not consciously. She just didn’t think about it, but after we talked about it, she definitely saw imposter syndrome in her business. She didn’t necessarily think she was as good as the other attorneys in her field, but not only was she equally good, in a lot of ways she had built a unique niche and people came to her for everything related to her practice area.


What is your takeaway?


Understanding there was a disconnect between her serving clients and her putting her face out into the world was eye-opening.  We talked about the hidden accomplishments that would not only add credibility in the eyes of searching potential clients, but also a real sense of prideful ownership of her achievements.


So, what was missing? Nowhere did you see the boards she served on.


There were no press releases around her latest legislative wins. There wasn’t even a bio on the website to tell her story. I immediately put her in touch with my marketing genius Marie, and this is all being addressed now.

How about you? Is imposter syndrome showing up in your marketing? When you look at your brand, your website, your social media do people know what you’ve accomplished? Why you are the best choice for what they need? If not, why not?


Are you struggling with confidence? How about the feeling of, “not wanting to toot your own horn?” These are real things, and they affect many, many entrepreneurs. But moving past them is essential to a thriving business. And a thriving business owner. Stepping into and owning your competence, unique point of view, and value will change everything.


Take a look at your website and ask yourself, “If I wanted to learn more about myself and my achievements would I be able to from this site?” If not, schedule some time with someone to do an analysis of your marketing and branding to ensure that you are putting your best foot out there and showing up as your best self-online.


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