Reignite Your Business

Rediscover Why You Started

Is the business side of business becoming not-much-fun?

Are you facing financial challenges as your business grows?

Is there less passion in the passion project because you have to handle the business side?

 For many entrepreneurs, the newness of “being in business” begins to wear off as we grow and face challenges.


Because nobody taught you the cash flow stuff. Nobody warned you about how the stress affects your relationships with family and your employees. You never learned how to balance your personal debt and budget on an entrepreneurial (which is not quite a regular) salary.

Are you ready to make a change? 

We’ve got you.

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Timely and Relevant Topics For Seasoned Entrepreneurs

We know your time is precious, and that you won’t spend time on ANY program that isn’t going to give you real strategies and tips you can take action on immediately.  We respect that, because we are all entrepreneurs like you.

Fall Back in Love With Your Business.

Our Program.

All of us are also passionate about seeing families with small businesses thrive.  

We won’t waste your time. Spend a few hours with us on a live workshop to make a personalized plan. Then we’ll walk with you for six weeks helping you implement the changes you need to create the business and life you want. 

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Live Topics:

  • How to deal with the money stress in relationships and with yourself (the 800 lb. gorilla)
  • A simple money management approach that will change everything
  • What to do about the tax stuff. Simple steps and tips to make it easy
  • How to balance your debt with a small business
  • Taking control of your personal finances on an entrepreneur’s salary


Inside our private Facebook page you will have access to four experts to get your questions answered, live coaching sessions, and a community of entrepreneurs like you who are reigniting their passion for business.  


Business Finance/ Entrepreneurship


Larry Duffany

Personal Finance/ Debt Management

Kristine Seale

Personal Finance/ Taxes

Kristin Tucker

Personal Finance/ Budgeting

Is Reignite for Me?

Reignite is specifically designed to support driven, yet frustrated entrepreneurs.  You will love the organization, planning, and confidence with your financial decisions after the program.


what change will I have?

A new relationship with money! Your perspective will change. You will have a fresh attitude towards managing your money, your debt, your business stuff. You will lose the stress and will be more in control of your financial future.


permanent change

will this work for me?

Reignite is designed to help you make your changes permanent. Meaning, no longer struggling with the money stuff. You will have a plan and support to make your changes. Like anything, what you put in you will get out, but you have four financial experts, accountability, and real action steps to support your changes. 

more success

Can This Help to Grow My Business?

Part of this program is to help you grow and scale your business with better financial habits. You will have more security, and a better understanding of how debt affects your growth and security.  You will also have support to find your next offer and audience to help you make more money with limited resources. 

change your life

Will this help with personal finances?

YES! Several sessions will be all about changing your personal financial habits to help you sleep at night, take a real paycheck, and have a strong plan for your secure financial future. All four experts are Dave Ramsey trained financial coaches, where personal financial freedom is critical!