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Whether you are a new entrepreneur or you are seasoned in business, money management is a key skill to have to stay successfully in business. 

The mechanics of managing the income and cash flow are just a thing we have to do, and many of us stress constantly about the money.

In fact some of us don’t even face our money stuff regularly, we put everything on autopay and hope for the best. 

Now there is a simple course for your business that helps you create a money system you will love. 

Profit 101: The Creative’s Guide for Managing the Money 

Imagine the feeling of having your money organized for everything in your business, and because of your new management strategies you can:

pay yourself regularly or give yourself a raise


Hire your new VA, Social Media Manager, OBM, or Ads Specialist to support you


add that new product or service to your business


pay for those desired support services as you grow


This Course is Designed for the Creative Entrepreneur

When you are a creative, it can seem hard to do the businessy stuff. You excel in your zone of genius, and you have tried other ways of “managing” your business. And they didn’t work for you. Because they didn’t ask you how YOU best learn and organize as a creative entrepreneur.

Nope, they said, “use this program” (which you hated) or “create these spreadsheets” (that stressed you out.) 

Profit 101 is designed to change your financial life as a creative. This isn’t theory. You will get your finances in order and discover:

  • the way YOU best organize your finances,
  • the way YOU best manage your cash flow, and even
  • how YOU best create income with repeatable strategies

Strategies that protect your current income milestone, and give you the support you need to grow into your vision.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or you are seasoned in business, money management is a key skill to have to stay successfully in business. “

Hi, I’m Dawn

The Entre Money Coach

I am an attorney, financial coach and serial entrepreneur who has helped entrepreneurs across industries take control of their money, implement a proven system to manage their cash and create more income inside their businesses.

My clients are amazing business owners in different businesses including illustrators, jewelry designers, business coaches,  nutrition coaches, product based ecommerce owners, dance studio owners, and consultants.  Creative entrepreneurs who didn’t love the business side of business.

As the founder of the Breakthrough Number financial management approach, I’ve helped many business owners just like you!

” The Breakthrough Number was transformational and helped me better understand how I need to develop me monthly spending plan.

Love working with Entre Money Coach and recommend you do too 100% – 10*s.”

Tania Nishi

Dawn offers a very holistic picture of your business and uses the numbers to support you to look honestly at how your business is working.

I have really started to go through my business tightening up and streamlining Services, Products and Pricing.

Hyacinth Myers

“I’m a pencil and paper type of girl. (Profit 101)is the first money thing I  feel like I really understand and  is something I will be able to do AND keep up with. I am so excited. 

I have a tool that I can use to help me grow my business.”

Leeanna Gantt

Now, the Profit 101 Live Course is Available to You.

Is Profit 101 for Me?

YES! If you are an entrepreneur that has more month at the end of the money, doesn’t love the business side of your business, or is sick and tired of being stressed over finances, this is the course for you.

Even if you are thinking:


i don’t have time

We designed this 2 month course so you will receive one module every 10 days, and each module will take about an hour.  It’s specifically arranged so you will have time to both complete the module AND implement the action items into your business each time.


i already have an accountant

So do I!! Professional bookkeepers and accountants are critical for keeping your business compliant and your reporting straight. Your accountant is NOT responsible for your bottom line, your profits, and your growth. You are. 


i don’t like math

I’m not a fan either. Seriously, I have a sister who is a math teacher. I didn’t get those genes! But I promise the math is simple money math. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Nothing more complicated, and you can use a calculator like I do.  And you don’t have to use spreadsheets either, unless you like them. 


managing the money takes too long

What if, after you set everything up the first time, you sat down once a week to update the numbers, and monthly to make sure every piece of your money is accounted for? About 3-4 hours a month, plus about 30-45 minutes for planning the next month. That’s it!

The Live Course Includes

6 Training modules

1: Prepare to profit

2: Pinpoint your money 

3: Planning your money

4: Protect your income and business

5: Manage your money going forward

6: Produce more income

live coaching calls

There are three live calls to support your journey and help you with your unique needs. We’re here to help you take control of your business money and implement the system that works for you, that you love, and that you will use!

Private Facebook Group

Our private group for networking, asking questions, tracking your progress, and for your accountability. The goal of this course is a system that you love so your changes are permanent.

We Kick off July 1st 1pm EST

Join the live welcome call and orientation where we dive into the first module and get a live  “how to”  course training. We will walk through Member Vault, the host site and ensure that you are ready to take action on your new financial life. 

You will Recieve One Module Every 10 days

You will receive one module every 10 days. These modules include a video and a module workbook with the templates and materials you need to redesign your business money system. You can do them as fast or slow as you like, you will never “get behind” and you receive lifetime access to the program.

PLUS: Two Bonus Modules!

  • Managing the Money When you Are a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur
  • How Do You Know You Are You Ready to Invest in Your Business

we will have a live call every other module

The live coaching call for Modules 1 & 2 is July 15th at 1pm EST

For Modules 3 & 4 is August 5th at 1pm EST

For Modules 5 & 6 is August 26th at 1pm EST

Calls will be recorded, and replays will be available, so you won’t miss a thing if you can’t make it live!

we have a private facebook group

You will receive your link to the Facebook group in your Welcome Package as soon as you enroll in the Profit 101 course! Put your questions into the group at any time and they will be answered, typically within 24 hours. We will have bonus sessions inside the group for extra support and learning.

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“Managing Personal Debt with Business Income” will help you create a plan to manage and then dump personal debt as you grow your business into your vision. Templates and materials help you build your own “debt snowball” and teach you how to approach debt to allow both your business and personal financial lives to thrive.

More Praise for Profit 101

“Even though I have had a business before and currently have a small business I have never felt confident talking about the finances. While I knew generally what was going on, I didn’t feel prepared to answer any very specific questions and certainly didn’t feel like I had set things up for any sort of emergency that may happen.  BUT THAT HAS ALL CHANGED! I’m excited to say that now I know my numbers! I know what I need to do. It is incredibly confidence inspiring to be able to sit down once a week and be able to update things and know what needs to be done.”                               – Leeanna Gantt, CEO of TookTake Medication Reminders

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