The Profit Accelerator Signature Group Program

This signature small group program is designed to help you maximize revenue and profitability through focused action over a short 6-8 week session. This is a personalized program with a 1:1 planning session combined with the power of small group coaching and implementation support. 

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Ravneet kaur

Dawn’s objective overview of business combined with her financial know just helped ease my mind of the burdens I was carrying. The fear of what next, what am I spending and how am I going to organise this. These fears were alleviated in the kickoff allowing me to feel calm and confident. 

Kasie Della-Rumball

I am a personal finance expert but I still  need the skills of someone who specializes in business.

Dawn is amazing and it goes to show that no matter your zone of genius, a mentor will help you move the needle quicker in your business. 

Ali rivas 

Thank you Dawn. What an impactful first meeting. Looking forward to diving into these next steps!

I am inspired and impressed by how much information was processed to a distilled plan of action for this sprint.

Quarterly Income and Profit Planning Intensives

You can plan every quarter for financial success! Check your profitability, review your expenses and numbers, plan out your offers, products and services in an action plan that will help you project your income and profit. 

This three hour session is held every quarter and is available for any size and level of business.  Sessions are in December for Quarter 1 the next year, March for Quarter 2, June for Quarter 3, and September for Quarter 4. 

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“I am not a finance girl.

Dawn helped pull my head out of the financial fog and make some sense out of the numbers, even though it meant breaking some things down into simple details.”

Rachelle Clemont

“Dawn offers a very holistic picture of your business and your numbers to support you to look at how your business is working. I have really started to go through my business tightening up and streamlining services, products, and pricing”

hyacinth myers

“I am so EXCITED about business again and I have purpose in what I do again! It’s so much bigger than me, and I have numbers and strategies that make me feel so supported. 

katie Skinner-herr

1:1 Support 

Dawn offers 1:1 support to a small number of clients each year to help them make incredible leaps forward in growth and profitability.  This is a high touch opportunity with big results. 

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