The Profit Accelerator for Small Business


Making lots of money, helping lots of people and securing your financial future, but it just isn’t happening.

The PROFIT ACCELERATOR FOR SMALL BUSINESS is just the tool you need. In this book, Dawn Kennedy uses her proprietary formulas and teaches you simple, easy to follow steps that will accelerate your profits, ease the frustration, and help you get back to the dream. She does it according to your financial personality. Have no idea what yours is? This book is for you!

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“The Profit Accelerator for Small Business is an asset for anyone trying to navigate their entrepreneur dream while also maintaining integrity surrounding their money. Don’t make common entrepreneurial mistakes, set yourself up for success instead. Whether in business for several years or just starting, following the tips inside this book is foundational to your success. 

Kristin Tucker, Founder, Family Home Works and Dave Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach


“The Profit Accelerator for Small Business was the first business finance book I have read that has language that is easy to understand. Dawn gives actionable steps you can take to ensure you are being profitable and proactively building in a cushion for unforeseen expenses or times. I am more confident in my organization and knowledge of my business income and expenses with the tools provided.”

Tammie L Jones, Founder, The Pin Guild