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The holidays are over and for many of us quarter one is where things slow down. Not for everyone, if you are a health coach or a personal trainer your business is probably booming! Whatever industry you are in, you will be more successful if you speak directly to your ideal audience with a consistent and coherent message.  You probably know this. But I just really learned this.


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Speak Directly To Your Ideal Audience


I want to chat today a little bit about how I discovered recently that I was talking to a lot of the wrong people in my business. And these people were getting a mixed message/ brand from me. I really discovered this when my conversions were well below industry standards. Now, I am not solely concerned about how many I sell of something, but I am concerned with finding and helping the people I am supposed to work with. It’s my duty and the reason that I have been given my purpose.  In reality, I cannot possibly convert much if I have the right message to the wrong audience. Or if you are completely missing your audience.





Speaking To Your Supporters


Until very recently I was talking mostly to my supporters, not to an audience who are really the people who need what I do.  I have a ton of supporters and I love and appreciate them all, but with current social media limits and things speaking only to your supporters may not grow your business. This group of people may be the wrong ones for your message. Wrong as in, not ideal clients or people who know or serve your ideal clients. People who will cheerlead you on, but don’t have anything that will help you move the needle.


Speaking to your supporters can prevent you from reaching the right people who need to hear and resonate with your message. Why? Because there may be two very different messages there. The pain points you discuss may not be clear to your ideal clients if they resonate with your supporters.  You may have the solution to a very real problem, but your copy may not translate your powerful offer into something your supporters need. And the clients who really, really need you probably won’t see how you can help them with their most pressing issues.






How do you find and make sure that you speak directly to your ideal audience most of the time?  First, you have to make room for them. Which might mean unfriending some people. Which might also mean changing your bio and your descriptions. Some people may naturally fall away.


Get on a podcast, guest blog, or give a masterclass. Use someone else’s audience to help you find and talk to yours. You also need to ask people to share your posts, blogs, and content with others. Your message must be consistent across all of your marketing to attract the right audience.  You may need to run some paid ads to new people. Honestly, you just have to be laser-focused on finding your community. They are out there. You were given your gifts and purpose to serve others. You’ve got this.





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