Time to make & keep more profit in your business

The Profit Accelerator will help you do just that. This is a six week program for ambitious creative entrepreneurs to take their business to a new level of income and profitability by starting with your numbers.

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How Much More Money Can You Make in 6 Weeks?


Let’s Be Honest Here

  • When is the last time you checked your account and felt good about the balance? 
  • Have you ever checked your account and wondered where it all went?
  • Do you get a knot in your stomach when it’s time to make financial decisions?

You aren’t alone. In fact, 63% of entrepreneurs have lost sleep over a money issue in the last 90 days. This doesn’t have to be you. Because we can change this. 

Losing money hurts. Everyone makes a bad decision here and there and loses money. That’s just business. But is it happening to you more than once in a while? 

 I work with entrepreneurs who  are quietly losing money due to mistakes in pricing, not capitalizing on opportunities, being too generous with bonuses, not having systems to make sales easy. 

We fix all of it inside the Profit Accelerator




Hey, I’m Dawn

It’s a pleasure to meet you! I am an attorney, financial coach, and serial entrepreneur who has been right where you are with money. Back in 2011 my husband, Mike, and I started a very successful consulting business named UNEQ Consulting, LLC (pronounced unique). We thought we were doing everything right. We had some cash flow issues (who doesn’t) and started racking up some debt, but we were out-earning our mistakes, so we didn’t see the danger we were in. 


On November 1st 2013, my husband fell 18 feet off a ladder onto concrete, and suffered a severe head injury. He survived the fall (by the grace of God) but our business didn’t. We had to close and we were left staring at $76,000 in debt, including $27,000 of unpaid self-employment taxes to the IRS! It took us 39 months, but we paid it all. As a result, I became a financial coach to help other families struggling with their finances. 


While I was coaching families, I had many clients who owned small businesses, and that business paid at least some of the family income. I saw the struggle with the business finances, because I know that they aren’t intuitive, they have to be taught. I developed the Breakthrough Number approach to business finances to help entrepreneurs have a simple solution to fixing the business money

This is my passion. I want to see you win with your business money so you can grow into your vision. 


This is The Hybrid Approach that gets results

The Profit Accelerator

Here is how the Profit Accelerator changes your life and business:

  • You start with your 90 minute 1:1 call to find your unique issues and to create your goals and project
  • You implement and attend 5 weekly group implementation support calls
  • You receive laser coaching each week and learn new business strategies
  • You complete each piece of your project and make incredible progress in your business 
  • You make permanent and sustainable changes to your business finances and habits
  • You celebrate your amazing results and smile at the money and profit in your account


Don’t wait, spaces are limited to keep the program small and focused!


Is the Profit Accelerator Right for Me?

The Profit Accelerator is designed to create more money in your business and to help you keep more profit. This is for you if:

  • You don’t know your profit margins, or you know that you are losing money
  • You don’t know if you are spending the right amount on expenses
  • You don’t know the next place to start making money within or by adding a line of business
  • You never feel like you are keeping any money from working so hard
  • Cash seems to be gone as soon as it shows up
  • You worry about money in your business every month

This is not for you if:

  • You aren’t committed to fixing  your profit leaks and make more money
  • Your finances in your business aren’t a priority
  • You won’t be able to spend two to three hours a week for six weeks implementing changes

 If you are ready to dump the money drama, you need the Profit Accelerator

Let’s dive into YOUR unique numbers and get into the business of making money and keeping profit in your business.

$1197 1 Payment 3 X $437.00

What Clients Say

“Staying focused for just 6 weeks allowed me to finish the projects I needed to put systems in place to make more money.

I also wanted to get my tasks done before the next call, so the accountability kept me motivated!”

Leeanna Gantt

“Working with Dawn brought me clarity about the financial outlook of my new business. Her insights highlighted ways to ensure the stability of my business, helping me to identify the areas where I can grow. Because of her coaching, I feel confident that I’m focusing on the right areas. 

Jerri Lynn Cook

       You are still reading, and you still have questions.  I want to answer them personally for you, learn          more about your business, and talk about your goals. Click here to get a FREE 30 minute support            session to  see if we are a good fit and if this program is your next right step!

If you are ready to go, just select one of the options below and let’s get started!

$1197 1 Payment 3 X $437.00 8 X $155/Wk

                    “I would absolutely recommend The Profit Accelerator to businesses who are looking to fast 

                    track their growth while staying centered in their Mission, Vision, Values.

– Ali Rivas, Oxalis ISS