Ready to Make and Keep More Money?

  • You are a seasoned entrepreneur, not really a newbie, but you are still growing and refining, and you are stuck. 
  • And you love working in your zone of genius- but you don’t love managing the money stuff.
  • Now you are making money, but not keeping any, and you are getting really tired of working your butt off and not taking home a bigger paycheck. 

Time to lose the frustration, reduce the stress and take control of the money stuff and strategy so you grow and scale (and make more money). 

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my unique approach

I work with new and seasoned entrepreneurs who are ready to stop bleeding cash and ready to take control of their business money management.  I have a unique approach, the Breakthrough Number approach,  to help you manage your income, protect your business and help you make financial decisions.

Then we look across your different offers, products, and services to make sure you are maximizing profit. Finally, we also look at your overall strategy for making money and we figure out the next ways to make more.

If you are ready to take control of the finances, and start making and keeping more money, grab a spot on the calendar for a complementary 30 minute call and let’s chat.  

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About Dawn

Why Entre Money Coach? 

Entre Money Coach exists to help you run a business that is protected, growing, and built for longevity. About 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years, the majority that do primarily fall to problems with cash flow, debt, and taxes. Many times it is caused by the decisions that are made early on about protecting the money, or made in a panic when there is an unexpected change in income.

I am a financial coach and business strategist who wants to help you succeed.

I am here to help you make positive and powerful changes so you can grow and protect your business

That’s my only mission.

Because you, Rockstar, need to keep your focus on your passion

And bring it into the world to make the biggest impact

And I want to help you to do your thing. 

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Dawn is the financial expert contributor to the Winter 2019 Special Holiday Issue and Spring 2020 issue, Dawn has written on managing debt and stress free taxes. 

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