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I bet when you went into business, you were really excited to start working in your zone of genius- you probably weren’t as excited to manage the finances!! But you know that you need to handle your money smartly to stay in business. I have an approach to manage your income that protects your current milestone and will help you grow to make more!

Time to lose the frustration, reduce the stress and simplify money management so you can use your money and time to grow and scale (and make more money)! 

It starts with knowing your number. You have a breakthrough, a “B” number, in your business. This number protects the inside of your company, the space within your “four walls” and lets you know when you have broken through to profit! Best of all, within this number you get a regular paycheck. YOU are a financial priority, so you can keep showing up and serving at your best. 

We use this number to help you to control your business income and prioritize your spending before your money runs off and spends itself!

After you earn that number, all other income is “gravy.”

You then have the fun of figuring out how to spend it.

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Entre Money Coach?


Let your accountant do the accounting. YOU need to control the income.  

Entre Money Coach exists to help you run a business that is protected, growing, and built for longevity. About 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years, the majority that do primarily fall to problems with cashflow, debt, and taxes. Many times it is caused by the decisions that were made early on about protecting the money, or made in a panic when there is an unexpected change in income.

I am a financial coach and business strategist who wants to help you succeed.

I am here to help you make positive and powerful changes so you can grow your business. 

That’s my only mission.

Because you, Rockstar, need to keep your focus on your passion

And bring it into the world to make the biggest impact

And I want to help you to do your thing. Whatever stage you are in as an entrepreneur.

To support you in working towards your vision, I offer everyone a free call- whether or not we are a good fit to work together. I want to discuss your passion, your current plan, your financial goals, and answer your questions! You will come away from our chat with less stress and confusion around your next steps and your next money move. I know this, because I have helped many entrepreneurs find the immediate actions to take to make more money, and smartly control what they already have.

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