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  • You are a seasoned entrepreneur, not really a newbie, but you are still growing and refining, and you are stuck. 
  • You love working in your zone of genius- but you don’t love managing the money stuff.
  • Now you are making money, but not keeping any, or feel like you should be further along financially, and you are getting really tired of working your butt off and not taking home a bigger paycheck. 
  • You are ready for aligned money management that fits your financial personality 

Time to lose the frustration, reduce the stress and take control of the money stuff and strategy so you grow and scale (and make more money). 

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I work with new and seasoned entrepreneurs who are ready to stop bleeding cash, have aligned business money management, and have more profitability.  I have a unique approach, the Breakthrough Number approach,  to help you manage your income, protect your business and help you make financial decisions.

We look to your different products, and services to make sure you are set up for maximizing profit.  We also look at your overall strategy for making money and we figure out the next ways to make more sustainable income. 

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Group and individual programs for small business entrepreneurs looking to improve profitability and financial security



Improve revenues and profits and processes with an eye towards specific financial and growth goals for the company 

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Live and self-study courses to help with finding your numbers, creating more profit, and aligned money management 


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